Can We Trust the Bible? – Video Premiere

Monday, October 25, 2021
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Can we trust the Bible? As a man, how can I be sure the Bible is the word of God?

It's hard to trust anyone or anything today.

Misinformation, disinformation, fake news and alternative facts, people on all sides of the political and religious spectrum have their pet terms for unreliable news and opinion. If it's difficult to trust an article written a few moments ago...

What about the Bible? How much harder is it to trust the Bible, written a couple of thousand years ago, and which sometimes seems so out of sync with the world we live in?

Join us in this video premiere as Daniel Gilman will discuss why we can trust the Bible. You can submit your questions for Daniel to answer below.


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About The Presenter
Daniel Gilman
Daniel Gilman is the founder and director of the Centre for Public Speaking, where he coaches clients around the world in public speaking. He is also the Director of Human Rights Issues at Parliament Hill. He previously was a full-time apologist with RZIM, and a pastor at the Metropolitan Bible Church. He is married to Alexandra and lives in St. Catharine’s, Ontario.

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