Advisory Board Member Responsibilities

Responsibilities of all Corporation Members:

  • Be guardians of the Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting once per year (ordinarily held in Burlington, ON), on the 1st Sunday/Monday the week after Labour Day.
  • Elect the Board of Directors to manage the property and business of the ministry.
  • Make sure all bylaws are being followed.
  • Vote on all bylaw amendments.

Responsibilities of Advisory Board Members:

  • Stay involved with the ministry – serve on governance committees and/or in community-based opportunities.
  • Stay informed on the activities of the ministry and pray for the ministry, staff, and Board.
  • Assist the Board in identifying quality men who could become members of the Corporation, and ultimately, could be eligible to join the Board of Directors.
  • Be prepared to serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Be a member of the Advisory Board for a three-year term.