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Why do we need Men’s Ministry?

Men today are struggling. Men feel isolated and alone. Men are confused and don’t know what it means to be a man in a culture where masculinity is referred to as “toxic”.

Christian men are asking what does it mean to be a godly man? There is a tremendous need to help men in our churches to clearly understand God’s plan for their lives and what it means to live a life of purpose and godly impact.

Men learn and grow in the community of other men, and when actively engaged in a healthy men’s ministry:

  • Men become better husbands, fathers, leaders
  • Men develop authentic friendships – brotherhood, mentorship, accountability
  • Men become more meaningfully involved & engaged in their local church & community
  • Men disciple other men 

Effective men’s ministry is not a club for a handful of guys but a missional movement that seeks to reach and serve every man in your church so that they are becoming, growing and living as disciples of Jesus.

As a struggling pastor of a small church and the conference experience more than lifted my spirits and encouraged me to carry on the ministry. PK continued to be a help in the years ahead. I encourage men to keep cheering on their pastors and praying for them and their families. Your support is vital to pastors and to the local church. Thanks PK.
Dale Mackness

Impactus Men’s Conference – Virtual

Friday, April 16, 2021