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EP 69: Live Your Assignment with Phil Wagler

Men: Are You Living a Lie | The Lies that Bind by Chris Quirring | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

EP 68: How to Resurrect a Dead Prayer Life with Dr. Bill Thrasher

You’re Not the King of Your Castle | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

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Is Phone Addiction Causing Issues in Your Life? | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

In this episode of the Impactus Young Man’s Podcast, Jordan engages in a thought-provoking conversation with guest Joey Odom co-founder...

EP 66: The Great Sex Rescue with Sheila Wray and Keith Gregoire

Disclaimer: This conversation frankly discusses sensitive topics relating to sex and marriage that may not be age-appropriate for younger viewers/listeners....

How to Slow Down and Be Less Busy | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

Ask a young guy how they are doing, and you are bound to get the same response; “Busy…”. It’s easy...

EP 65: Non-Toxic Masculinity: Recovering Healthy Male Sexuality with Zach Wagner

Disclaimer: This conversation discusses sensitive topics that may not be age-appropriate for younger viewers/listeners. In this podcast, Dean interviews Zachary...

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