A Christian podcast for men. Each episode focuses on real-life issues men care about.

EP 71: Hope-Filled Marriage with Neil and Sharol Josephson

Jiu Jitsu, Jesus & Growing as a Man

EP 70: Football and Faith with Michigan Wolverines’ Robby Emery

Being a Dad in an UnChristian World | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

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Simple Money, Rich Life with Bob Lotich | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

As a man, there can be an immense pressure to be as rich as possible, and to base your identity...

Men: Are You Living a Lie | The Lies that Bind by Chris Quirring | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

Do you remember a time when you realized you had been believing a lie? Join host Jordan Harnum on the...

You’re Not the King of Your Castle | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

Before she passed away, Queen Elizabeth II pulled a lighthearted prank on two American tourists. Unbeknownst to them, they found...

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