Sharing your Faith and Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

In Daily Devotional by Steven Sukkau

Theme of the Week: Christmas Carols

Bible Verse: “He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” Acts 28:31

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:8-14

Christmas time can be a great time for evangelism and sharing our faith with neighbors.

I have always struggled with fear and timidness when sharing my faith, but I’ve grown in this area thanks to the classic Christmas carol, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

Thanks to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, this carol has a special place in my heart.

The special, not unlike our perennial underdog hero Charlie Brown, was not expected to succeed. But everything came together to make an unforgettable impact on the viewer and critic.

In the special, Charlie Brown finds himself depressed as Christmas time approaches, even though he enjoys everything that accompanies the season. As he looks more closely, he realizes everyone around him is absorbed in the commercialization of the holiday, including the production of the group’s annual Christmas play.

Determined to save the production and discover the true meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown seeks out a Christmas tree to spruce up the stage.

When his small sapling of a Christmas tree is met with laughter and derision, Charlie Brown, at his wit’s end, asks if anyone knows what Christmas is about.

With half the world watching, glued to their television sets, Linus boldly recites the Gospel of Luke. There are some small details that I’ve come to appreciate, like how Linus drops his security blanket when repeating the angel’s message to “Fear not!”.

Remembering the truth, the children’s choir triumphantly sings Hark! The Herald Angel Sing.

The carol, like the Christmas special, lays out the gospel explicitly and triumphantly.

It is a great example of sharing our faith with our neighbors. The call to attention, the old English, “Hark,” in modern parlance might be, “Listen up!” or “You gotta hear this!” It’s a reminder that while sharing our faith can be nerve-wracking, we can be filled with excitement and urgency to share the true meaning of Christmas.

Symbolically, Linus’ blanket is also used as a tree skirt, wrapped at the foot of the tree. It’s a great reminder that we can bring our own fears and coping mechanisms and leave them at the foot of the cross.

This Christmas season, look for small ways to boldly share the good news of the Gospel. There are many people, like Charlie Brown, who are earnestly searching for what Christmas truly means.

Prayer: Dear Father, help me boldly share my faith this holiday season. Help me feel the excitement and joy the shepherds must’ve felt in the fields that first Christmas night and go to my friends and neighbors with the same amazing news!

Reflection: Keep your eyes open this holiday season for people that may feel empty and alone, people who are looking for the true meaning of Christmas. And then say a quick prayer for boldness and share the good news of the Gospel. You’ll be glad you did.

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Steven Sukkau
Steven Sukkau is a writer, journalist and radio broadcaster living on the Canadian prairies with his wife, two daughters and hyperactive terrier.
Steven Sukkau
Steven Sukkau is a writer, journalist and radio broadcaster living on the Canadian prairies with his wife, two daughters and hyperactive terrier.