Father’s Day Resources

Being a dad is an incredibly exciting and rewarding calling. Learn how to be a good dad to your children during all seasons of fatherhood with the resources below.

5 Ways to Overcome Failures as a Dad

Lessons from the Life of Billy Graham When you spend as much time working with...

Kirk Giles

At Peace With Our Fathers

Why You Should Forgive Your Dad (and How) Earl was working two jobs plus farming...

Neil Josephson

4 Tips for Your Daddy-Daughter Dates

It’s challenging being the father of a daughter. It’s even more challenging when you’re the...

Joe Martin

Dad Tired with Jerrad Lopes

Being a dad is filled with all kinds of challenges today.  There is one extra...

Jerrad Lopes

Parenting: Navigating Everything

Parents are learning a whole new set of skills right now.  At the best of...

Brett Ullman

Raising Christ Followers

Four Guideposts in Introducing Your Child To God No maps. No GPS. Few street signs....

Larry Fowler

Helping Kids Thrive After High School

The transition from high school to college or university is a significant one. With new...

Sean Cullen

How to Model Healthy Sexuality for Your Sons

A large part of being a Christian man, who is sexually successful, is leaving a...

Doug Weiss

The Father’s Blessing

Give Your Kids the Gift of Identity, Affection and Affirmation. Dave, a small grade-nine kid,...

Jeff Stearns

You Should Call Your Dad

The last time I spoke with my dad was June 17, 1996. It was Father’s...

Mark Buchanan

4-Week Devotional for Fathers

Explore timeless wisdom and uncover the truth and the way to lead a life of eternal impact. 
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Recommended Reading

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Parenting by Paul David Tripp

Raising Men, Not Boys by Mike Fabarez

It's Grampa's Time by Calvin C. Ellerby
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The Seasons of Fatherhood: Why Dads Matter at Every Stage of Life

by Kirk Giles

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