Understanding Your Identity


All 2 Hour Video Workshops Includes:

  • Downloadable Video Workshop
  • Participant’s Workbook PDF
  • Suggested Agenda and Best Practices Guide for a successful Workshop
  • Tools to help you promote your workshop locally
    • Digital Poster for promotional use
    • Promotional Video
    • PowerPoint Slide for Church Use
    • Email Template for promotional use
  • 1 Hour of Coaching to help you run a successful event

$ 250.00

Many men have an unhealthy view of themselves. They don’t see themselves as God sees them. Once you can see yourself as God sees you, as his masterpiece, uniquely created in His image, it will change your life forever. This workshop is designed to help you reframe your identity in Christ.

  • Learn the 2 important functions of a Christian man
  • Understand your real identity
  • Learn how to move towards a healthy identity
  • 4 benefits of being God’s son

Stop seeing yourself as the world wants to see you. Stop being defined by your past. Stop seeing yourself as whom you think you are and see yourself as “whose” you are. You are God’s son, and He has placed a call on your life.

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