Toys for Guys – Including “The Beard King”

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Banana Phone
A phone shaped like a banana? That may sound silly, but a bunch of people found the idea appealing enough to crowd-fund the project. And so the Banana Phone was born.

Banana Phone is not a toy. It’s a real wireless handset that works with iPhones and Android devices. Connect to your phone with Bluetooth, and you’re ready to answer your next call with a hearty, “Yellow?”

Once you’re connected, you can use voice assistants (Siri and Ok Google) to give commands, including hands-free dialing. When you want to listen to music, Banana Phone is your Bluetooth speaker. Play your favourite tunes until it’s time to split.

Banana Phone comes with a Micro USB charging cable and 1 Year Warranty. It’s available from Amazon and sells for about $55.

Burger Press,
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Hamburgers are pretty simple. The basic recipe is ground beef plus a little salt and pepper. Shape into a ball, press down, grill, and eat. Delicious.

So when is a hamburger more than a hamburger? When it’s stuffed with extra ingredients you love, like bacon, peppers, onions, and cheese.

The Stuffed Burger Press from Cuisinart makes it easy. Step 1: press half the meat, leaving room for fillings. Step 2: add the stuffing. Step 3: add more meat and press to seal everything inside. Now you’re ready to grill!

This handy 3-in-1 tool is specially designed for stuffed patties, but it can also make regular patties and smaller patties for sliders.

The Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press is available from Amazon and sells for about $15.

The Beard King,
My last haircut was done at home. It started out fine, but after a few “whoops” and “fixes” with the electric clipper, I looked like an army recruit. All my hair was on the bathroom floor, on the counter, and in the sink. I miss my barber.

The cleanup would have been faster and easier with a Beard King. This simple invention catches the hair as it’s cut and traps it. Strap the Beard King around your neck, attach the suction cups to your mirror, and you are salon-ready. As you cut or trim, hair and beard bits fall into the Beard King and stay there. When you’re done, fold both ends into the middle and empty the clippings into the garbage.

Beard King comes with a pouch for storage or travel. It’s available from Amazon for about $25.

Easy Disk
If you have ever hurt your fingers or dented a car playing Frisbee, Easy Disk is for you. It’s made from nylon material that’s soft to the touch and crumples on impact, so you can throw long, catch easily, and not worry about where it will land.

Easy Disk is great for kids who are learning to play catch because it’s easy to grab. It’s perfect for outdoor play in the backyard or at the beach, but it’s also lightweight enough for indoor play. The soft material is also great for dogs who want to play catch.

Easy Disk is available from Amazon. It sells for about $15.

Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at
Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at