Redeeming Love

In Daily Devotional by Mauricio Rosa

Theme of the Week: Hosea

Bible Verse: “Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven—for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.” Luke 7:47

Scripture Reading: Luke 7:36-49

My wife convinced me to watch a movie that came out last year called “Redeeming Love.” Immediately, my mind silently said inside my head: “There we go, another chick flick.” I am so glad I did not utter a single word!

Without spoiling the movie for anyone – not that I expect guys to jump on this right away – like in the book of Hosea, the main character redeems this girl who all she knows is to be a prostitute from an early age. In the movie, this girl feels like she can’t fit into her new, redeemed life, and she runs away back to the brothel.

There are two moments in the movie where the author and producer have beautifully depicted our condition and God’s great love.

The first moment was a dialogue exchange where the girl accuses the brother-in-law of being a hypocrite, saying: “At least I know who I am, and I am not pretending to be someone else.” She knows her condition. She knows she doesn’t have anything to offer. She has nothing to hide.

If this moment is powerful, the second moment is even more. Through a series of challenging and painful circumstances, she cries out to God, He delivers her, and she returns to the man who had redeemed and bought her from the brothel. As she comes to him, she looks at him and says: “I am so sorry for making you suffer. I love you, and I am going nowhere anymore.” At that moment, he said to her: “I was waiting for you.”

Brothers, I confess that I started to cry quietly. All I could think of was my own life. The kind of love God has expressed and revealed to the people of Israel through the prophet Hosea’s life, suffering, shame, and humiliation is the same that He has displayed towards you and me.

We are the prostitute; regardless of our history, whether our lives result from someone else’s mistake or sin, we are the girl who lived in the brothel. And unless we acknowledge that and put away the pretense, we will never be free to experience the kind love God has shown us in Jesus Christ that has redeemed us.

As the credits ran up the screen, all I could feel was hope. Reflecting on my conditions and the extent of God’s love, I’ve felt hopeful for today and tomorrow.

This week, we will dive into the prophet Hosea. Doug Koop will take us on a journey, and we will explore:

  • How unfaithfulness creates distance
  • How hope is stronger than shame
  • How God welcomes sinners back

These are some of the topics we will cover this week. Join us this week and invite your friends to come along too. And if you have not subscribed to our online devotionals, fill in the form below to get the devotional delivered to your inbox every day:

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Mauricio Rosa
Mauricio Rosa is a pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Calgary. He is married to Christin and together they have three children.
Mauricio Rosa
Mauricio Rosa is a pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Calgary. He is married to Christin and together they have three children.