Lead your men's ministry to the next level.

Is your men’s ministry reaching every man in your church?  Are you stuck in a club environment holding breakfasts or events for a handful of men? If you would like to lead your men’s ministry to the next level start with Men’s Ministry Leadership Training 101 and 102.

Coaching from a seasoned men’s ministry leader is available to:

  • Review and Affirm: Commitment to your church’s vision, mission and core values
  • Assess and Analyze: Current state of ministry to men in your church
  • Develop a Plan: Strategy,  goals and objectives
  • Oversee Plan Execution: Training, supervision and monitoring
  • Evaluate Progress: 6 month review using S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Provide Report: pastor/church elders/leadership team
Annual Plan
1 Year: $1,500| 40 hours
Monthly Plan
1 month: $240| 4 hours

Start with a free 45 minute coaching consultation! 

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Help change the lives of men and equip them for a life of purpose & godly impact!