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We live in a moment where online events have become as familiar as in-person events. The question is: How can you make the most of your ministry to men, whether attending an online or in-person event?  

1. Organize as a Group 

The most important way to make the most of your men’s ministry event is to organize a group of men around the activity. Regardless if it is online or in-person, attending as a group will make all the difference in the world. 

Have you ever watched a Superbowl, Stanley Cup Finals, or any other major TV event with friends? What was successful about it? 

You called your friends, had food and beverages arranged, a big screen TV with a nice sound system, etc. Those things are great, but the most important part was that you called and organized with your friends to come together to watch it! Sure you could have watched it in your own home, but nothing beats togetherness. 

When you do events together, you will find that men have a more memorable experience. Sure, they might talk about the game or show, but they will also talk about the jokes and laughter you had together, and especially the food and the good time you spent together! 

Whether the activity is online or in-person, I believe your men will enjoy it even more if you make every effort to be in the same room together. 

2. Focus on the elements that will Bond Men Together 

As a ministry to men leader, whether the event is an on-line or in person one, you can focus on the elements that will bond the men together. 

Take for example… bacon, and lots of it. Or any food for that matter. 

Additionally, you can add some fun activities or games, maybe as a ministry, you can draw prizes during the breaks and get your men to engage. I attended a Superbowl event at a men’s ministry once and there was a competition to see who could eat some extremely spicy chips the fastest. The winner won a football jersey! It wasn’t me… 

After almost 4 hours the men had a blast! What was the key element for the success of that event? Guys attending as a group of friends and fun food and games! They sat at their own tables, and enjoyed lots of food and beverages, snacks and prizes!  

 3. Have a clear purpose in mind 

Men, if you plan your activity or event with the end purpose in mind – to get men together, and to minister to them – this will help you have ideas of what your men like to eat, what kind of fun games they like to play, etc. It is very important that you also have a plan for after the activity. 

As leaders, your focus should be a ministry to men. You need to consider ways of engaging with them to ask important questions: What has God spoke to them in that event? It could have been a testimony from someone, or a guest speaker, or an encouragement received from a friend in a conversation. The important thing is, whether it is a very small group or large group, just do something. 

Get the men together to rub shoulders with one another, to pray for one another, to encourage one another. Encourage them to have an expectation that God will show up and do something in their life.  

 4. Pray 

Last but not least, gather your team, if you have one, and pray for this activity. Ask God the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of your men, to minister to them, before, during, and after the event. Pray throughout your planning, and execution of this activity. Expect God to do something that only God can do.   

Leader, you have an important role to play, and it is not an easy one. When considering attending an online or in-person event or activity, you can connect with other leaders in your region for encouragement and support. 

If you do not have a team to rely on, reach out to other churches, or to a network of men in your region. God has called you, and he is faithful to the ones he has called. He will to enable you for the work he’s called you to. 

Trust God, and do your best. 

Mauricio Rosa
Mauricio Rosa is a pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Calgary. His passions are teaching and discipleship. He is married to Christin and together they have three children.
Mauricio Rosa
Mauricio Rosa is a pastor at First Evangelical Free Church in Calgary. His passions are teaching and discipleship. He is married to Christin and together they have three children.