Becoming a Better Dad

$ 250.00

In the Bible, the term Father is used 1,488 times and God refers to himself as our Father a great deal. God was telling us that He considers fathering to be an important role and responsibility, a powerful influence and privilege. As a dad, you carry the title, Father, one of the greatest privileges you will ever have. It’s not easy, but the only place to start is to understand what God is like as a Father to us and how that should influence the way we Father our children. You’ll learn:

  • Lessons about fatherhood from God
  • The purpose of fatherhood
  • The seasons and results of Godly fatherhood

Your ability to Father like God is tied to your relationship with God. No matter how old your children are or where you’re at as a father,  it’s never too late to draw closer to Him and be the father He has called you to be.