Overcoming Your Anger


All 2 Hour Video Workshops Includes:

  • Downloadable Video Workshop
  • Participant’s Workbook PDF
  • Suggested Agenda and Best Practices Guide for a successful Workshop
  • Tools to help you promote your workshop locally
    • Digital Poster for promotional use
    • Promotional Video
    • PowerPoint Slide for Church Use
    • Email Template for promotional use
  • 1 Hour of Coaching to help you run a successful event

$ 250.00

People are so angry today. They’re mad at what happened yesterday and bitter about things that occurred years ago. The truth is … we all get mad at one time or another. The question we need to ask ourselves is “How should I deal with my anger and respond rather than react in anger?”  The purpose of this workshop is to help you discover something you can practice and help reduce the amount of anger in your life…We’ll talk about how to overcome anger including:

  • 3 Types of anger
  • The ABC’s of anger
  • Ways to deal with your anger

The fact is we’re human and we’ll get mad. However, if anger consumes you, the key is to understand why you get angry and to learn to better understand how to control your responses in challenging situations so you can better control your anger.