Toys for Guys – Including the Golf BBQ Set

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Wearable Air Conditioner
Canadian summers can be downright steamy. That’s why we measure not only the temperature but also the humidex – the “feels like” temperature. It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.

Sony has just the thing to help: a wearable air conditioner. Reon Pocket is a small device that cools your skin using a scientific principle called the Peltier effect. A silicone pad absorbs and releases heat from your body on contact. It works like having an ice pack pressed against your skin, but more comfortable.

Sony sells the Reon Pocket in Japan with special shirts that keep the device resting between your shoulder blades. There are three levels of cooling or warming, and a “boost mode” that changes the temperature quickly when needed.

Reon Pocket sells for about $125, plus $20 for each shirt.

Universal Socket
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In my humble opinion, the ratcheting socket wrench is one of the greatest tools ever invented. If you’ve ever tried to adjust a nut in a confined space with a regular wrench, you will agree it’s much better to pop the right socket in place and rock the ratcheting wrench back and forth. It’s faster, easier on your knuckles, and as a bonus, there’s that satisfying clicking sound.

The only problem is finding the right socket for the job. I have at least two socket sets rattling around in my toolbox. Every new job requires a little test to see which socket is the right fit.

This week, I finally discovered the self-adjusting universal socket. When you place the wrench over a nut or bolt, steel pins inside adjust to give you the right shape and size. It works for regular bolts and nuts, plus hexes, wing nuts, eye bolts, broken and stripped nuts, and more.

I found the Kusonkey universal socket on, where it sells for about $45, including a drill bit adapter.

Fore Golf BBQ Set
This BBQ utensil set is perfect for the man in your life who can’t stop thinking about golf. Distract him with a golf set designed for the grill.

The set comes with a spatula, fork, and tongs, crafted from stainless steel. The handles are made from thermoplastic rubber, to protect you from the heat. Each set comes with a mini golf bag for storage.

Available at Stokes stores and online, the Fore Golf set sells for about $60.

Waterproof Cards
The game of Rook, first published in 1906, is a popular variation on traditional playing cards. The deck has 57 cards: 4 coloured suits numbered 1-14, and one special card with a picture of a bird on it. One Rook deck can be used to play many different games.

The official cards sold by Hasbro are not very durable, and cost more than standard playing cards. Wouldn’t it be nice if your Rook deck didn’t wear out so quickly?

The folks at 57 Cards are filling this gap, with unofficial Rook cards that are waterproof, flexible, and strong. They offer decks in different colours, and a special version for colour-blind players. They also have some new sets based on UNO.

Check out to learn more. Each deck sells for about $20.

Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at
Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at