Toys for Guys – Mandalorian Nerf Gun & Point Salad Card Game

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Mandalorian Nerf Gun

Star Wars fans have flocked to the Disney Plus streaming service for one reason: the new TV series called The Mandalorian. The main character is a taciturn bounty hunter who looks like a cross between a robot and Clint Eastwood’s gunslinger from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. He’s cool, he’s deadly, and he has some great toys.

Now you can bring home Mando’s Amban Phase-pulse blaster rifle, thanks to the good people at Nerf. This dart-firing blaster features series-accurate blaster sounds and an electronic scope with an illuminated lens (batteries not included). Pull back the handle to prime the blaster and load your official Nerf Elite foam darts (10 darts included).

The Amban blaster is intended for ages 8 and up. It comes fully assembled in a handsome case that you could put on display if you were, say, an adult Star Wars fan who already has an impressive collection. It also comes with a warning to “use eyewear” when you play. That makes sense because of the darts, but also because of the blaster’s pointy fork, which seems to be designed for toasting marshmallows over an open fire.

Point Salad Card Game

The name of this game, Point Salad, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to a whole genre of games. The object is to get more points than other players, but there are many different ways to accomplish that goal.

Each card in Point Salad has a vegetable on one side and a goal on the other. Players take turns picking up cards from the table, building a “salad” of cards that will score the most points.

You might start by picking up a card that gives you 3 points for every carrot card you collect and 2 points for every lettuce card. Every turn after that, you try to pick up a carrot or lettuce card or another goal card that gives points for carrots and lettuce.

But beware! The same goal card may deduct points for every tomato you collect. And there might be nothing but tomatoes on the table when your turn rolls around. And your neighbour might also be trying to collect carrots!

Point Salad is simple, fun, and quick to play, with almost no setup. It’s a great family game that encourages simple math skills. Point Salad sells for about $25.

Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at
Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at