Toys for Guys – Table Hockey & Good Budget

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Table Hockey
Too cold to go outside? You can still play hockey! Bring the action home with the NHL’s official tabletop hockey game, made by Stiga Sports of Sweden.

Stiga sets have been around for decades. The modern version has removable snap-on players, real plexiglass behind the goals, and centre players that can go back into the defensive zone. No more stopping the game because the puck is out of reach!

Add-on Team Packs are available in case you want to play (or play against) a different team. You can select from NHL teams as well as national teams you might see at the Canada Cup or World Juniors. Replacement parts are also available, in case you bend one of those metal rods during a passionate playoff game.

Stiga tabletop hockey games sell for $120. Team Packs go for $15 each.

Good Budget
If you’re afraid to open your credit card bills this month, you’re not alone. Every year around this time, a lot of people start thinking seriously about budgets and debt.

How do you manage your money? My favourite system uses paper envelopes. Every payday, you put money in envelopes with labels like Rent, Groceries, Car, and Fun. All spending must come from an envelope. When the Fun envelope is empty, you can’t spend more on Fun things until the next payday.

Goodbudget is a virtual version of this system. Each month you record your income and your spending in each category. At the end of the first month you have a better picture of the budget you need and the limits you might want to set. Once you get a handle on your spending, you can make plans for debt repayment, saving, and giving.

Goodbudget offers basic accounts for free, including apps for iOS and Android. If you want to synchronize your data across multiple devices, you can upgrade to a paid plan that costs about $7 per month.

Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at
Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at