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Three Courses to Offer Men in Your Community

In Articles, Men’s Ministry by Jeremiah Raible

A fantastic way to reach out to men in your community is to offer courses that meet felt needs. Most men who are not part of a community of faith won’t just suddenly wake up and come to church one Sunday. There needs to be a bridge of connection built so that they see value and make relationships. One way to do this is by offering a course that meets a felt need that men are experiencing in your community.

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Strengthening Your Marriage – 3 Tips to Being a Spiritual Leader in Your Home

In Articles, Family, Father, Husband, Marriage by Alan Wachob

One of the big errors married men can make is to adopt a fatalistic, almost nihilistic, view of marriage. When Christian men quit trying to be better husbands and spiritual leaders, it begins a chain reaction that affects the entire family. Good marriages must be maintained; they take work. It’s simply too easy to get comfortable in a marriage relationship and eventually take it for granted. Just like muscles atrophy with age, marriages too can get weak over time unless they are strengthened on purpose.