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The Patience of Spiritual Leadership

In Men’s Ministry by Kirk Giles

Why not ask God for patience? The logic is that growing in patience usually requires the experience of challenging circumstances. But I’ve come to believe that never praying for patience is terrible advice. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, so it seems to be an essential character trait of any follower of Jesus. Patience is not only necessary for spiritual leaders, but it is also helpful to prevent you from burning out.

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Three Courses to Offer Men in Your Community

In Articles, Men’s Ministry by Jeremiah Raible

A fantastic way to reach out to men in your community is to offer courses that meet felt needs. Most men who are not part of a community of faith won’t just suddenly wake up and come to church one Sunday. There needs to be a bridge of connection built so that they see value and make relationships. One way to do this is by offering a course that meets a felt need that men are experiencing in your community.