God's Vision For Men


All 2 Hour Video Workshops Includes:

  • Downloadable Video Workshop
  • Participant’s Workbook PDF
  • Suggested Agenda and Best Practices Guide for a successful Workshop
  • Tools to help you promote your workshop locally
    • Digital Poster for promotional use
    • Promotional Video
    • PowerPoint Slide for Church Use
    • Email Template for promotional use
  • 1 Hour of Coaching to help you run a successful event

$ 250.00

Society is continually redefining what it means to be a man and it is certainly far from what God had intended. There is no clear vision for men and in fact, downright confusing on how men should live and act today. This workshop will look at manhood from a biblical perspective and will equip us with a clear understanding of God’s vision for being a man. We’ll only allow God to speak for Himself, and for our minds to be renewed to see manhood from the perspective of our Creator, including: 

  • Life as God meant it to be before sin entered the world
  • The roles and responsibilities of a Godly man
  • The biblical description of a Godly man

The world today needs Godly men to step up and be the men God has created us to be. It’s time we stop letting culture dictate how men should live and act and let God show us what he expects of a Godly man so we can impact the world around us.

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