Being a dad is an incredibly exciting and rewarding calling. God is the model for how to be a good dad to your children during all seasons of fatherhood.

EP 67: Just Show Up with Drew Dyck

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Love Jesus

Asking for Forgiveness

EP 63: Ordinary Men Can Leave Extraordinary Legacies with Stephanie Morales-Beaulieu

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EP 62: Unlocking The Mystery of Transmitting Faith to Your Children with Rick Heimstra & Lindsay Callaway

Are you concerned about the growing number of Canadian young adults who are leaving their faith behind? As parents, we...

Strengthening Your Marriage – 3 Tips to Being a Spiritual Leader in Your Home

One of the big errors married men can make is to adopt a fatalistic, almost nihilistic, view of marriage. When...

Leaning on the Spirit to be a Good Father

Being a dad is everything I expected and nothing I anticipated. If you have kids, that may not read like...

EP 60: She Deserves Better with Sheila Wray Gregoire

Welcome to the Impactus Podcast; we’re here to equip men for a life of purpose and godly impact. In this...

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