Being a dad is an incredibly exciting and rewarding calling. God is the model for how to be a good dad to your children during all seasons of fatherhood.

EP 45: Prodigal Children: When Your Kids Leave the Faith – Dr. Douglas Weiss

Family is Worth Fighting For

Having Trouble Expressing Your Feelings? Try This

How to Not Lose Your Temper When Your Kid’s Misbehave

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Teach Your Kids How to Say Sorry, And Mean It

Do you ever wonder how your kids can be so mean to each other!? And then, how can you get...

3 Ways to Become a Great Girl-Dad

I never imagined that my work as a pediatrician would lead me to consult with NFL players in the NFL...

How to Train Your Kids to Handle Finances

Are you building a Christian financial legacy for your kids? As Christian parents, our responsibility goes beyond helping our children...

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