Toys for Guys – LG Rollable TV & Bro Bouquet

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LG Rollable TV
Imagine a big screen TV with a bright, beautiful picture. Now imagine that same TV rolling up and disappearing when you turn it off.

This long-time dream of LG engineers finally became a reality in 2020. The OLED TV RX is an ultra-premium TV that appears and disappears at your command. You can reduce the 4K display to a smaller screen that shows weather, time and music, or retract the screen completely, leaving only the base visible.

LG’s organic LED technology is “self-lit,” with over 100 million sub-pixels that deliver rich colours and deep blacks. Dolby Atmos sound delivers an immersive audio experience, and Dolby Vision IQ adjusts screen brightness, colour, and contrast automatically, based on lighting conditions.

If this appeals to you, start saving your money. When it was introduced in South Korea in October, the price was 100 million KRW (about $115,000 Canadian). For that price, you also get the engraving of your choice on the aluminum base and your choice of four colours for the speaker cover.

Bro Bouquet
When your best friend is sent to the hospital, he doesn’t need a teddy bear, a fruit basket, or a musical greeting card. He needs MEAT.

When you want to send a bro a bouquet, try, Say It With Beef. Their edible arrangements are made from 100% high-quality beef jerky. The “Daisy Broquet” is a thing of beauty that will bring tears to the eyes of any injured carnivore.

Say It With Beef ships to the US, Canada, and overseas military bases. Each edible arrangements sells for about $50 plus shipping

Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at
Sandy McMurray
Sandy McMurray writes about toys, gadgets, and games at