A Christian podcast for men. Each episode focuses on real-life issues men care about.

EP 46 – Raising Your Kids Ready with Jonathan Catherman

EP 45: Prodigal Children: When Your Kids Leave the Faith – Dr. Douglas Weiss

EP 43: Living Reconciled: Experience God’s Presence – P. Brian Noble

EP 42: One Man Can Make a Difference – Mike Miller

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EP 40: How to Be a True Worshiper – Andrew Thompson

This episode is proudly sponsored by Deeks Insurance. Worship is a vital part of Christian living. It is so much...

EP 39: Faith & Finances: What to Do When You Feel You Don’t Have Either – Young Men Edition

As men, we often feel the desire to provide for our families, and sometimes that pressure can feel overwhelming. Culture...

EP 38: Interview with C.S. Lewis Institute President – Joel Woodruff

C.S. Lewis was a British writer, theologian, and academic, holding positions at both Oxford and Cambridge. His legacy continues to...

EP 37: Strong Men in Dangerous Times – Jim Ramos

It’s a dangerous time to be a man. Manhood and masculinity are under attack. Many people may even refer to...

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