Life Issues

Life is hard, but we are not aloneBe still and discover the plan Jesus has for your life. 

When Forgiveness is Too Hard

Man’s Greatest Lie

Rest: Recharging Your Soul

Malawi, A Fridge and Psalm 23

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Hockey, Hope and Disappointment

What Have You Put Your Hope In? The next thing I am going to say will make you sincerely judge...

Dealing with Anger

A Common Struggle for Men In this video, Matt Cline from Restored Ministries talks about: the hidden dangers of anger...

How Men Measure Success

One of the biggest thieves of peace is comparison. And it’s not so much that we make comparisons, but rather...

Rest: The Gift We Don’t Want!

Theme of the Week: Rest-Work Balance Bible Verse: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” Exodus 20:8 ESV Scripture...

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