Real stories and inspirational testimonies of people who have been transformed by faith in Christ. 

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Nate Burkhalter – Live Without Limits

Joe Solecki – The Fight of My Life

Daniel Gil – Becoming a Ninja

EP 42: One Man Can Make a Difference – Mike Miller

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Beaver Flemming – Motivated and on a Mission

Some people have wild ideas of what they want to do with their lives. For Beaver Fleming, it was always...

BENEIL DARIUSH – From Savage to Servant

Beneil turned an extremely successful Jiu-Jitsu career into a spot in the UFC. All along he could see God guiding...

EP 33: Leading a Bi-Vocational Ministry in Northern Ontario During Covid – Nate Hochstetler

When we think of Men’s Ministry we often think of a weekly program at our Church. Nate Hochstetler is a...

COREY LERUE: Coping With Crippling Anxiety

From the time he was a kid, Corey dreamed of making his own music. In his 20’s that pipe-dream became...

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