Christian faith and society do not always agree. How do I stay true to my faith while living in today’s culture?

It’s Possible to Change Your Bad Habits | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

How to Become a Praying Man

3 Sentences Every Father MUST Say

The Danger’s of AI, According to AI | Impactus Young Man’s Podcast

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EP 60: She Deserves Better with Sheila Wray Gregoire

Welcome to the Impactus Podcast; we’re here to equip men for a life of purpose and godly impact. In this...

Overcoming Sexual Sin with Matt Cline | Young Man’s Podcast

Sexual sin is something that many men wrestle with. From lustful thoughts and fantasies to porn addiction and infidelity, there...

Mahomes, Hurts Keep Faith Front and Centre on Super Stage

It was a Super Bowl for the ages.   On Sunday, February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles went...

Can Men Find True Friendship? | Young Man’s Podcast

Is it possible to experience true friendship as a man? What are some of the barriers that prevent men from...

What We Can Learn from What’s Happening at Asbury University and Why Men Need Revival | Young Man’s Podcast

What does what’s happening at Asbury have to do with men? Should we desire to see a move of God...

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