Christian faith and society do not always agree. How do I stay true to my faith while living in today’s culture?

Playing Second Fiddle

The Peterson Solution

Bouncing Back – Robbie Ray’s Story

A Conversation with Jackson Jeffcoat

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Top Gun: Maverick – “A Good Father’s Love is Unconditional.”

A sequel coming to theatres 30 years late doesn’t deserve to be this good. Yet, all the pitfalls of a traditional...

Retiring from the NFL to Pursue Ministry – Khari Willis’ Story

For most professional athletes, landing a starter’s job in the top league in the world is usually enough to fulfill...

What Does Your Social Media Say About You?

More and more men are using social media. The question remains, what does their social media say about them?   ...

Music Review: For KING & COUNTRY 

While some could criticize mainstream Christian music as being “too safe” and unwilling to address the uglier sides of life,...

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