News, stories and athlete testimonies from the world of sports.

Bouncing Back – Robbie Ray’s Story

A Conversation with Jackson Jeffcoat

Retiring from the NFL to Pursue Ministry – Khari Willis’ Story

Engaging Your Core

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Over Training

God designed us to endure some pretty tough conditions. For example, did you know that Here are some fun facts...

How to Stay Active During Winter

Winter! It is a love-hate relationship. Children love it, adults for the most part do not. Cruel windshields, excessive snowfall,...

Andre De Grasse: “I Pray Every Day”

The Olympic Games date back to 776 B.C. in Olympia, Greece. Ancient Greek mythology has it as a gathering and competition...

Boston Bruins’ Kevan Miller Calls It A Career

Prompted by various injuries and setbacks, Boston Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller has opted to retire from professional hockey and the...

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