A Christian podcast for men. Each episode focuses on real-life issues men care about.

EP 41: Top Ten Tips For New Dads, From New Dads – Young Men Edition

EP 40: How to Be a True Worshiper – Andrew Thompson

EP 39: Faith & Finances: What to Do When You Feel You Don’t Have Either – Young Men Edition

EP 38: Interview with C.S. Lewis Institute President – Joel Woodruff

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EP 35: Young, Dumb & Married – Young Men Edition

What are the “good” and “bad” reasons to get married? Will marriage will fix my sexual issue? Will another woman...

EP 34: “Am I A Good Man?” – Nathan Clarkson

What does a “good man” look like? Who was I created to be? These are questions many men wrestle with in their...

EP 33: Leading a Bi-Vocational Ministry in Northern Ontario During Covid – Nate Hochstetler

When we think of Men’s Ministry we often think of a weekly program at our Church. Nate Hochstetler is a...

EP 32: 2021 Year End Podcast

Hear about how we continued to impact men around the world despite the many restrictions in 2021.

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