Worship is lifestyle that puts God first. Declaring how great God is with music, our words and actions.

3 Ways to Develop a Life of Gratitude

EP 56: How to Inhabit Time with James K.A. Smith

EP 52: The Thing Beneath the Thing. Dealing with Your Stuff to Live Strong and Courageous

Why Should Christians Gather Together?

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EP 40: How to Be a True Worshiper – Andrew Thompson

This episode is proudly sponsored by Deeks Insurance. Worship is a vital part of Christian living. It is so much...

Wanted:  Men Who Worship

Jesus’ prophetic words still speak to us today.  In John 4:23-24, Jesus describes something that God is looking for in us – worship.  He is not looking for performers, pretenders, or idolaters.  The Father is seeking true worshippers.   ...

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