How do I love and serve my wife well? What does God say about being a good husband?

Strengthening Your Marriage – 3 Tips to Being a Spiritual Leader in Your Home

EP 58: Breaking Our Brokenness with Jean-Paul Beran

EP 57: Loving Your Wife Well with Matt Jacobson

Lessons from Jesus’ Father

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Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions

One of my most vivid Christmas memories involves a tradition that started when I was a teenager. My father gathered...

Loving Our Wives Like Jesus Loves Us

“Pastor, my wife is not obeying God,” the man sitting across from me was sincere and concerned.  I asked what...

Family – Living on Mission Together

How can we energize our families to engage in the mission of making disciples?   I’ll begin with a confession: I’m...

Family is Worth Fighting For

Why is family so important and is it worth fighting for? According to one sociologist, David Brooks, writing for the...

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