We all long to understand who we are in the world. As Christians, we know that our true identity can only be found in Christ. 

Our True Identity – Finding Our Identity in Christ

Are Young Men Abandoning Their Faith?

EP 53: Real Men for a Real World.

Playing Second Fiddle

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Dealing with Feelings of Insignificance

Have you ever felt insignificant?   Perhaps it’s something someone said to you, the way they looked at you, or...

You Are Not Too Broken for God

The Lasting Impact of War I spent my childhood in Northern Ireland during the years known as “The Troubles.” A...

Why You Need the Kingdom of God

In 2010 Richard Lee Desautel, a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes in Washington State, crossed into Canada and shot...

EP 20: Three Christian Dads Talk about Fatherhood

We invited Jim Jackson to teach us how to encourage our children, set boundaries and how to discipline our children...

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